What we do

Te Kura provides judicial education and support for New Zealand judges through seminars and online resources. Our seminars are developed and delivered with input from judges and subject-area experts. Seminars are available to judges across all benches.

Our seminars are for judges at every career stage and address bench-specific and specialist court education needs. The curriculum integrates four key areas of judicial education:

  1. The role of the judge
  2. The context of the judicial function
  3. Skills and judge craft, and
  4. Renewal and resilience.

Tikanga and te reo Māori are core components of Te Kura’s curriculum. We offer a range of different programmes for judges to increase their knowledge and proficiency in te reo Māori and tikanga. Tikanga has been recognised as part of the fabric of the common law in New Zealand, and statute law increasingly incorporates tikanga concepts. It is essential that judges understand those concepts.

Education and support for Pacific judicial officers

Te Kura manages the delivery of the Pacific Justice Sector Programme, which provides development opportunities and support to judicial officers and court officers from 15 participating Pacific Island nations.

The Pacific Justice Sector Programme is a five-year contract, funded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.